How to Keep the Air Clean and Healthy

We hear every day, especially in cities with greater population density, which and how many issues related to air pollution: particulate matter from the table saw dust and metals in the air are in fact the main sources of sudden and often severe allergy attacks’ s asthma and even cancer.
The quality of the environment in which we live is closely tied to the purity of the ‘atmosphere and the food we eat and how you wrote recently, unfortunately, the air of our homes is more polluted than outdoor air.
Most of the time we are not aware of the risk or actual pollution of the place where we live or where we do most of our daily activities, but we can act consciously in some junctures, for example in food choice and in the “care “the air we breathe at home.

The house we live in is, in fact, the starting point for living in a healthier way: to sanitize the air in the home is the first step to a significant improvement in our health “long-term”.
At home, there is a twofold accumulation of unhealthy: the car exhaust and dust coming from the outside plus the pollutants released from paint, dust, mites, heating, yeasts, molds, bacteria.
Nowadays you can reduce the toxicity of these chemicals through air purifiers and ionizers. Purifiers on the market are in fact scientifically tested or scrubbers to reduce the discomfort of the substances responsible for air above, which are effective from 80 to 99% depending on the individual elements: energy consumption of these devices is minimal not involve any type of maintenance are totally silent
The cleaners do not affect the operation of any air conditioner or air conditioning, leaving the moisture content and temperature of the surrounding environment.
The ionizer, in particular, is especially recommended for those who are exposed to tend to love or thyroid problems or asthma since due to the presence of negative ions, benevolent to the body means that the pollutants remain suspended in air (for example smoking cigarette or tobacco) are deposited on surfaces.
Even the ionizer does not maintenance free and produces no noise, detail is not unimportant on the continued use of that’s needs to be effective.
Breathe more healthy at home now means you can more or less affordable for everyone, and if this were not enough you can integrate the use of these solutions with products mangiapolvere, plants’ anti-smog “and natural products.
Roll up our hands then, if it is true that we must suffer the car exhaust for a walk around the city is equally true that we can make a walk back home health, without any effort.

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